About My Blog

My head has always been a perpetual gyroscope of things spinning out of control and driving me crazy.  As of recent I have discovered that I find clarity and a focus of my ideas, thoughts, struggles and pondering through processing them through with others.  I have also found I enjoy writing but do not engage in the disciple often enough due to this frantic whirling of my head.  I find though the more I write, the more quickly I find mental and emotional stability.  

I have never desired to do a blog for two reasons, 1) I never thought I had that much to offer the reader that would be worth their time and 2) I had this notion that bloggers were egocentric and prideful.  As I have explored the blogging world I have found blogs that were very selfless and helpful for me to read.  I have also found that blogs provide an opportunity for the reader to respond to the contributor’s thoughts.  This excites me because I believe that the best things we can offer this world are done in and through community.

So I open this blog with three goals…

1) Gain clarity of mind and find an anchor for my thoughts

2) To have those thoughts refined by the interaction with those who read.

3) To improve upon my writing ability.

So, please read and respond, because the last thing I need is an online diary.


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