The Storm

22 Jun

The Storm on the Sea of Gallilee by Rembrandt

There is something about this picture that speaks to me.  Men grapple against the force of the crashing wave.  Water engulfs the workers as they struggle to hold together their small vessel.  Jesus is at rest.  One man, consumed with personal issue is getting sick over the portside.  Others fight on in self-dependance believing themselves to have things under control; after all they are fishermen and have seen this before.  Still others paralyzed by fear huddle in the corner.  Only two seem to seem to think to wake their creator, and even those are angry with His lack of concern.

All of these individuals are at work within me from time to time.  Some times I feel like the strongest man on earth.  With just my hands I can hold life together even in the midst of powers much stronger then myself. Other times I coward in the corner forgetting who is beside me in the boat.  I even know what its like to be consumed by sickness amidst the torrid sea.  Probably the one I most relate to are the individuals who accuse Jesus of not caring for their wellbeing.  My accusing hand grabs the outer garment of Christ and force Him to look at me while my finger pokes Him in the chest.

Still at rest, Jesus stands in the stern and commands the elements to do His bidding and all is made quiet.  Instantly my fears turn from mother nature to Father God.  Realizing how small and dependent I am, I become convicted with Jesus’ loving questions, “why are you still afraid, do you still not have faith?”  I am left with the only option available, raise the sails and continue on the course Jesus plotted, “the other side”.  I can only speculate about what wonders we will see there.

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One response to “The Storm

  1. Jonathan Chounard

    June 23, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    Awe-sometimes just watching is enough….awe


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