The Boy inside the Man

30 Mar

Captain’s log July 8th, 1990

The men are hard at work and the ship is cutting swiftly through the dormant sea. She runs true, always obeying my command.  Today is an easy day, a day to enjoy the warmth of the sun on my face.  Line and metal clang against the mast as wind pushes our vessel against the resistance of the waves.  The old wood creaks underfoot as I attend to my rounds, making sure the ship is on course and the men are active to their duties.  There is nothing like being aboard ship.  No place on earth that moves with such efficiency towards a destination.  We are headed to the wonders of the new world and treasures unknown, but definitely felt.  All is right as we do our work with excellence and precision.  Suddenly my First Mate screams that he sees a ship on the horizon.  The ship is unmarked and flies colors of night rather then typical bright nautical colors.  This can only mean one thing…pirates.  They have seen our ship carving the open seas and deemed our ship and her treasures are their booty to plunder.  They do not know that this is no ordinary ship, and this will not be their day.  As our pursuer advances as I call to the men “unfurl all sails and giver ‘er all she’s got.  Make ‘em work for it!”.  In short time our adversary has given up chase and is now just a distant dark spot, barely in view.  I plot a new course for the men to start a new adventure until I hear those dreadful words, “Peter! Get out of the station wagon and wash up, it’s time for dinner!” “Coming Mom!”

Captains log March 29th 2011

Another day lost at sea.  The ship has started to take on water pretty heavily.  All of the chores and tasks that have been neglected are causing holes in this rickety old ship causing her to fill with water and ride lower in the sea.  It could be riding low due to the water leaking in, but I am also concerned with all the extra weight the crew and I brought on after a day in the shoppes at the last port.  I don’t know why we have all of this useless stuff aboard.  I know we’re headed west, but to what and where I do not know.  I know I should examine the map more, but there’s never enough time with all of the patch work left to do just to keep the ship afloat.  Moral on the ship is dropping since we lost another member of the crew.  I know we need a new cook and a new boatswain, but every time we dock at a new port, no body is interested or they’re already busy working land-loving jobs.  Are there no more sailors left?  I’ll have to find time to discuss matters with the First Mate as soon as possible.  Without the First Mate, this ship would’ve sunk years ago.  I know this ship can sail true again and I’ll be proud to fly her colors once again.  She’s not as fancy as a lot of those new “boats”, but she’s stout and proven her worth through the hardest tempests this sea has to offer.  The sun is rising behind us and warming the stearn.  It’ time again to yearn for the vast and endless sea.  This after all is the king’s ship and He trusts me with her care and I know she’ll care for me.  After all, Annie is almost done with school and I really need to go pick her up.

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One response to “The Boy inside the Man

  1. Mom

    April 16, 2011 at 11:30 pm

    I remember that station wagon! Why was the first thing that came to mind as I read it John Ortberg’s book, “if You Want to Walk on Water You Have to Get Out of the Boat”? He also wrote “Everyone is Normal Until You Get to Know Him.” We’ve had several sermon series on his books; is there a sermon in everything?
    Anyway, I’m loving your stories of your amazing First Mate and your beautiful girls 🙂


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