And a Child Shall Lead Them

23 Mar
Its mid-day and our 5 month, youngest daughter Libby just woke from her afternoon nap.  As is her custom, her face lit up as soon as she saw someone coming to rescue her from her life of boredom in her crib.  As my hands lifted her to my face, so I could shower her with a series of kisses and hugs, her breathing changed.  She started gasping for air and choking on her own breath.  She could exhale, but was suddenly lost the ability to inhale.  Time stood still and my mind searched for help and my heart pounded in my chest.  I did everything I could think of, patting her back, raising her arms and trying to remind her little lungs what their job was.  Seconds later she took one big gasp and started to cry.  It was the first time I rejoiced at her tears.
As time restarted and life began anew in walked Libby’s 5 year old sister Ella.  Where she was during the struggle I did not know, but as soon as Libby saw Ella, her crying ceased and she completely calmed down.  Ella gently touched her little sister’s cheek and whipped away her tears.  She kissed her on the forehead and said to me, “Daddy I prayed for her”.  I replied rather callously, still focused elsewhere, “Great Ella.”  She said as soon as she saw something was wrong with Libby she ran to her room and started to pray for her.  As my equilibrium came back I realized the incredible thing that just happened that I almost missed.  As I was struggling to control the situation and take matters into my own hands, my five year old, much wiser daughter knew the only thing she could do was run to the only person who has ever had the ability to heal someone.  How foolish of me.  Who installed the respiratory system in Libby?  Who taught her lungs how to work?  Who created air to give life to her fragile body?  Who keeps the world spinning in orbit and numbered the few hairs on her head?  Who am I to try to control anything?
What does it take for me to live like Ella and run to my room, bury my head in my pillow and pray?  How do I make it as immediate as it was for her, not an after thought or a formality?  How do I remember that I am not a grown man, but instead a child in the lap of an infinite Father?
Forgive me Father for not resting in your arms and not listening when you say, “everything’s going to be o.k.”.

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5 responses to “And a Child Shall Lead Them

  1. Craig Paulson

    March 31, 2011 at 2:04 pm

    Blog Peter
    Hi Peter, Thank you for sharing this vivid reminder that wisdom and hope are often the result of an unexpected and often unwelcomed occurrence. It’s sort of like the vignette of two individuals racing down hallways that are 90 degrees from each other, one holding chocolate and the other with a handful of peanuts. Turning quickly, the peanuts and chocolate combine as the two people collide. The first startled reaction of flight or flight is replaced by the realization that they are holding a delicious new delicacy in their hands. The feelings are neither right nor wrong but the filter or choice for how to move forward is critical. Christ calls us to serve His Kingdom in a way that honors the hope, love and joy that are always present even when times are tough or unexpected occurrences surprise us. Global thinking is a choice over myopic self-centeredness. Humble graciousness can be our response instead of arrogant confidence. Forgiveness and self-forgiveness of grace is better than judgmental aggressiveness. Serving from below seems more authentic that self-congratulatory serving from above.
    Wow! Blogs are great. One just starts typing and we see what comes out. At least these were thoughts that occurred to me as I read your Blog this afternoon. Thanks

    • Peter Paulson

      April 8, 2011 at 3:32 pm

      Chocolate and peanuts truly are perfection. True perfection seems to always be stumbled upon rather then premeditated. It seems like most moments of grander that I am in the presence of seem to happen at these “hallway meetings”. It allows me to relax sometimes and allow God to be the one whom initiates, creates and sustain all good things. It also has a way of keeping me from getting to big of a head and being controlled by my own self interest and importance.

      thanks pops.

  2. Jeff Gregory

    November 21, 2011 at 4:56 pm

    Thank You for such an inspiring website, it makes me want to become a better christian knowing the stuff that was mentioned, thank you for being a Young Life Leader, love ( to the perosn you are, Jeff Gregory PS: I will be sure to mention your site to as many as I can cause I know that God would want to me to,hahaha see you tonight, which would be ( Nov. 21st. 2011 @
    here is the link to the young life web site, hope you want to look at it, see you soon Pete, Jeff

    (>😉 Pete is the best Leader in the whole world / love you Pete, you are my inspiration to life, I will post as soon as possible again, see you soon, ( again )

    • Jeff Gregory

      November 21, 2011 at 4:58 pm

      site takes some time to load,hahaha hope you have some pationce,hahaha / love Jeff Gregory and yes I tryed it frist thats how I know, and thanks again pete, Jeff Gregory

  3. Jeff Gregory

    November 21, 2011 at 5:10 pm

    here are some videos from you tube that some of you viwers on this site might like to see, they are taken from the young-life camp, not sure where though, but here are the videos,hahaha hope you like them, and see you tonight at Monday gathering Pete, thanks for your hope and peace.
    (>😉 fun huh,hahaha hoping to go myself,see yall soon, Jeff Gregory


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